Case Bergö school

Case Bergö School

Renovate or demolish?

The old Bergö primary school had a long history of moisture damages. Since the costs for renovating the building was estimated to nearly the same as building a new one, it was decided that a new school should be built. Case Bergö School follows the process of demolishing the old building and constructing a new and quality assured building. The case highlights the investigation of moisture damages in the old school, the decision process to renovate or demolish the building and the method for moisture securing the new school.

Learn about the moisture safety method ByggaF

Moisture Safety in the Construction Process (webinar in Swedish)

Lecture in Swedish on ByggaF

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Open house at Case Bergö School



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Additional material:

ByggaF in English - PDF
Industry standard ByggaF – method for moisture safety of the construction process

Ville Köpilä, 2015:
Fuktsäkring av nybyggnation - Case Bergö skola
Bachelor's thesis in Building Engineering,

Novia University of Applied Sciences