During the annual Vaasa Energy Week in March 23, 2018, Novia University of Applied Sciences arranged a workshop and seminar with the title “Nordic Renovation Day”. It attracted approximately 40 building and energy experts from Finland, Sweden and Norway. The focus of the event was on various approaches and methods regarding energy efficient and moisture secure renovation.
The event was supported by the Northern-European Energy Cluster project (N-EEC), which is a joint dissemination project for three European development projects: Energy Lighthouse Cities in the NPA Region (e-Lighthouse), Increasing Competence in Northern Building and Construction (ICNB) and Renovation Center – A Nordic Center for Energy Efficient Renovation (RC). The three mentioned international projects introduced their results, lessons learnt and best practices in energy efficiency and moisture security management. Probably the most important highlight of the event were presentations of ByggaF and Kuivaketju10, nationwide moisture management concepts in Sweden and Finland. After the morning lectures, more focused discussions were conducted in three parallel workshops in the afternoon.
The key organizer of the event, Annika Glader, was happy with the participation and success of the event:
“Since both Finland and Sweden are now in the process of starting up long-term national programs on sustainable buildings, these types of international discussion events are important in order to set the starting point. The actors in all three workshops stated that they will continue with cross-border cooperation within their themes.”
Experts from research, education, industry and government were pleased with the discussions and the results of the event. The N-EEC project will continue arranging four new events during 2018 in Cork/Ireland, Reykjavik/Iceland, Umeå-Luleå/Sweden and Alta/Norway.